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Unofficial List of Bataan POWs from the Philippines who were drafted or had enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces (currently excluded from S. 768 & H.R. 2598)

Data gathered by Maria Elizabeth  Embry of Antioch California from several sources




(Note: Separate Lists to be added for POWs from Corregidor & Luzon currently excluded from H.R. 2598)


For additions & corrections please send an e-mail to: or


Melecio Mabalot born 1920; died 3/2009 Death March; later resident of Stockton Ca

Manuel Mabunga, Cpt (Ret) President of our Lt. Alexander R. Nininger Chapter and former Scout, passed away suddenly Sunday, February 15, 2004 of heart failure in Santa Monica. He was 83. served in the 57th Infantry (PS) during World War II. He survived the Bataan Death March, escaped from POW camp and fought with the guerrillas for the remainder of the war. Manny immigrated to the U.S. in 1954, where he worked for the Veterans Administration for 35 years. Source:

Angel Macapagal escaped during  Death March post war: Congressman of Pampanga; brother of Pres Diosdado Macapagal; uncle of Pres Gloria Macapagal Arroyo


Felix Magalong # born 1919 Philippines; Death March, POW released 12/31/1942 Cpt 45th Inf (PS) H Co


Ferdinand Edralin Marcos # born 9/11/1917 Sarrat, Ilocos Norte Philippines; died 1989 Honolulu Hawaii; 3rd Lt ; combat intelligence officer; 21st Inf Div; Battle of Bataan; Death March; guerilla; Awards: DSC, Bronze Star; Purple Heart; (Medal for Valor awarded Maj. Ferdinand Marcos, PA; by President Carlos P. Garcia, 1958) (much controversy about his military service awards)  prewar: lawyer (1940); postwar:  President of the Philippines (1966); deposed 1986 *


Benjamin Mariano, Sr born 6/18/1920 Philippines; died 12/10/2000; buried Crownsville (Md) Veterans Cemetery; Death March, POW; Sfc (Ret) Army, also Vietnam & Korean Wars veteran


Victor Mariano Death March; Casualty

Eleuterio M. Maquinana born 1916; died 9/6/2007 enlisted 2/1941 Philippine Scouts & served until 12/1947. with Company "L", 57th Infantry (PS); Bataan Death March and POW survivor; was a Daly City, Ca resident. Source:

Gregorio G. Melegrito born 3/12/1916; died 8/11/2005; Death March; guerilla; later Methodist minister and High School teacher; was resident of Mississippi; father of Mr Jon Melegrito of Nafve

Gerardo Mirabuena # Bataan Defense; Death March

Zacarias Morales Death March, aerial photographer



Tagumpay A. Nanadiego # 31st Motor Transport Co; Alamo Scouts; Death March; POW; Intelligence & Operations Officer Guerrilla; Judge Advocate Phil Army; post war: Brig Gen (Ret 1974) Armed Forces of the Philippines; Phil Embassy Veterans Affairs Office Washington D.C.(until 1999); 2008 Legacy Award from Filipino Veterans Foundation (FVF)


James Gregory Nichols # born 2/4/1918 Piddig Ilocos Norte Philippines died 9/15/2005; buried : Holy Cross Cemetery Antioch; California Death March; POW; postwar: retired from  Army 21 yrs of service; employed @ Oakland Unified District 20 yrs





Rodolfo Palma # Death March; postwar: Dean of Law School, UP

Larry Pangan born in Arayat, Pampanga one of the founders of the Philippine Scouts Heritage Society & its president in 2002 until his death on 11/18/2004 in San Diego Ca. He was drafted in the Philippine Scouts in 3/1941 and was w/ the 57th Infantry Regiment Bataan Death March and POW survivor after escaping from Camp O'Donnell, although seriously ill with malaria, dysentery, beriberi and malnutrition, later joined Col. W. Fertig's -led guerrilla group reporting to his friend and fellow scout Captain Jose Flores from Zamboanga. For his service in World War II, he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, American Defense Medal, American and Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medals, Philippine Liberation Medal and the Victory Medal. His unit received three Presidential Unit Citations during the battles against a superior enemy in Bataan. He later would receive a second Bronze Star for his service in the Korean War. He retired from the U.S. Army in 1961 and was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for his excellent service as a senior enlisted adviser to the USAR School at the Presidio of San Francisco. Source:

Leonardo Pena # born 1919 Philippines; Death March

Felix Peralta died 9/30; enlisted in 1938; a squad leader with the 45th Infantry (PS) Death March and POW; completed career with the U.S. Army; Awards: the Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal, POW Medal, American Defense Medal [1-star], Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal [3-stars], UN Service Medal [3-stars], Philippine Defense Medal [1-star], Presidential Unit Citation [3-Oak clusters], Philippine Presidential Unit Citation and Korean Presidential Unit Citation. Source:

Felix Pestana, (Ret) Brig Gen. Air Force, Phil born 1918; Death March survivor; awarded Certificate of Recognition by US Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenney 4/9/2009

Inocencio A. Pineda POW Death March; guerilla mil service 12/19/1941-6/23/1946

Godofredo Posadas Sr POW Death March

Demetrio G. Pozon Cpt POW Death March



Manuel S. Quiogue Jr. Communications officer under Manuel E.L. Jurado @ the defence of Lamao Coast; POW Death March; guerilla casualty in 1945

Samuel Quiwa born 1917 San Fernando Pampanga; Bataan; escaped from Death March; POW until 8/28/1942; Lapham guerilla; on 2/17/1945 was assigned to the 103rd Military Police command; retired Colonel AFP



Pacifico Raagas died in Death March from Hinonangan Leyte

Mariano G. Rabaja Sr Col 1st Reg Division Death March POW USAFFE

Greg Ramos born 1919; died 2/20/2009; enlisted in the 88th Field Artillery (PS) in 1940; POW Camp O’Donnell; guerrillas; retired Army 1964; civil service; 2nd retirement 1981. Source:

Augusto Roa Realuyo 3rd Lt. Asst. Platoon leader L Co 3rd Bn 52nd Inf Rgt 51st Div 9/1/1941-6/1/1946 born 1/19/1921; died 4/25/2003 Manhattan Veterans Affairs Hospital; buried Calverton National Cemetery; Lt PA; Death March; POW 4/9/1942-8/4/1942; guerilla; post-war became architect in NY; father of Bino Realuyo, well-known poet. Atty. Pompey Realuyo, Augusto’s brother unsuccessfully filed a lawsuit in Manhattan (NY) Federal Courthouse regarding Augusto’s desire to be buried @ the Arlington Cemetery


Mariano Rebaja Col. Death March POW


Benjamin “Ben” Resella born 1917 Philippines; Philippine Army; Death March; POW survivor; Awards: WW11 Victory Medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, American Defense Medal, Philippine Defense Ribbon, Presidential Unit Emblem Ribbon;  postwar: 20th Century Fox art director, production designer, scenic supervisor, screenplay writer

Paulino S. Respicio born 1920; died 7/15/2006 Tujunga Ca; Death March; POW; enlisted 3/15/1942 on 15 March, 1942; (served until 8/15/1946) Co. E, 57th Infantry Regiment (PS). guerrillas and became a POW immigrated toU.S. Awards: Combat Infantry Badge, Bronze Star (2wd) & POW medal Source:

Raffy O. Resus Death March survivor from Siasi Cebu

Roque C. Reyes POW escaped during Death March from Candaba Pampanga

Teodorico M. Reyes POW Death March survivor

Virgilio F. Reyes  Death March; Co M 3rd Bn, 1st Inf Regt; Awards: WW11 Victory Medal, U.S. Presidential Unit Citation Badge, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Ribbon, Philippine Liberation Ribbon; Philippine Defense Medal, Philippine Independence Ribbon, POW Medal

Antonio Ricafort Death March survivor from Tuburan Cebu

Miguel Romualdez Cpt Philippine Army; Death March

Reynaldo Roque born 1917 Death March survivor

Janny Ruiz born 1920 enlisted 2/1941 Death March survivor; also served in Korean War, wounded & rec a Bronze Star for bravery; worked @ Oakland Army Base until retirement; resident of Richmond Ca

Joseph Torres Ruiz PS 26th Cavalry Death March survivor; POW; guerilla from Agoo, La Union




Washington Sagun born 1915 Philippines; died 5/16/1942 Capas Tarlac; Defense of Bataan; Casualty, POW; 31st Engr Unit Co; on 1/1/1942 he dynamited Calimpit bridge after the last USAFFE unit from the south had crossed it Source: Diary of Commodore Ramon Alcaraz


Alfredo Manapat Santos born 7/13/1905 Santa Cruz Manila; buried Libingan ng mga Bayani Taguig, MM Philippines; Bataan; Death March, POW; post war: Gen Chief of Staff AFP 1962-1965; 1st 4-Star General; Awards: (U.S.) Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Legion of Honor (Degree of Officer); (Philippine Government) Distinguished Conduct Star, Gold Cross, Philippine Legion of Honor (Degree of Commander)


Raymundo Seva born 1921 Philippines Death March U.S. Army 1st Inf Div. Civilian life: became judge in the Philippines; moved to U.S. 1993; a Sacramento California resident


Benito Soliven born 1898; Bataan Death March; POW Capas Tarlac; died 1/10/1943; from after effects; Maj. pre-war: elected to the Philippine National Assembly; Benito Soliven town in Isabela was named in his honor; father of Maximo Soliven, well-known journalist (1929-2006) and WW2 guerilla


Fred David Soriano born 5/15/1921 Ilocos Sur, Philippines; died 8/15/1989; buried: SF Ca; Death March, POW Cpl, 57th Inf Regt PS, also serve in Korean War; retired a Major; his brother died in Death March; father of Lt. Gen. Edward Soriano, a three-star general & the highest-ranking Filipino-American in the U.S. Armed Forces


Jesus StaRomana Death March survivor, worked in intelligence





Benigo G. Tabora, 91, died in December, 2008, in Acton, Massachusetts. He joined the Philippine Scouts in 1936, was captured on Bataan, survived the Death March and POW camp, and then joined the guerrillas. Following WWII, he served in Korea and retired as a Sgt Major in 1968. He was survived by his wife, Mae, and several children. Source:


Eutiquiano P. Taguba # 12/8/1906 Philippines-9/8/1997 Hawaii, Sgt 45th Inf PS Death March POW; released from Camp O’Donnell 6/6/1942; Awards: Bronze Star, POW Medal


Hermojeno Taguba CPL 26th Cavalry Death March POW Camp O’Donnell; released 6/6/1942


Tomas Taguba # born in Cagayan; Battle of Bataan; Death March; MIA 45th Inf PS father of General Antonio Taguba, author of the famous Iraq War’s Taguba Report


Loreto M. Tejada Death March POW; casualty during liberation of the Philippines


Roberto D. Teodoro POW @ Bataan; escaped; post war: retired fr. Army 1977


Casimiro C. Tobilla Death March survivor from Leyte; 92nd Coast Artillery Bn H under Cpt Wm. Ball


Juan Tuscano born 1919; died 3/3/2004 Santa Clara Ca; enlisted 2/24/1941 Co I 45th Inf (PS); Death March, POW discharged 5/1948





Don Nigos Valdez born 12/21/1921; died 12/1971; Sgt Major (PS) enlisted 1941 Death March survivor; military service 31 yrs


Geronimo Valenton from Cabanatuan Nueva Ecija Death March Hdqtrs Tactical Reconn Squadron Co 57th Inf Regt


Iluminado G. Vallejo, physician Med Corps USAFFE; Death March from Paranaque Rizal


Hugo Q. Vidal Co Commander USAFFE; POW wounded twice; escaped Death March; guerilla; post war: attended graduate school


Constante R. Villalobos, who was born January 6, 1918 passed away on October 4, 2003.served with the 14th Engineers (PS). An ex-POW who survived the Bataan Death March, he proudly served 24 years in the US Army. Source:


Mariano Villarin born 1914 in; died 2/3/2006 in Long Beach, Cal; Far Eastern University business administration grad; Bataan Death March POW survivor, U.S. Army Reserve retired lieutenant colonel (1975); military awards: Bronze Star and the POW medal;  a federal auditor upon retirement; author of the book "We Remember Bataan and Corregidor". He also was a witness for the prosecution in the post-WWII trial of "Tokyo Rose". Source:




Felix Yapit Co F 45th Inf (PS) Death March; POW born 5/1/1911 San Juan La Union; died 12/1/1999 Colorado Springs; buried Ft. Riley father of M.r Feliciano “Pete” Yapit, Filvets advocate



Jose A. Zapanta from Polangui, Albay Physician (PS) Death March survivor

Amado O. Zaporteza, Sr.from Lucena City, Quezon Death March POW survivor



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