Dear Melanie,

Respectfully submitting to the attention of Speaker Nancy Pelosi the following Open e-letter regarding H.R. 2598 which I believe to be the companion bill to S. 768 of Sen Udall of New Mexico. Both bills similarly exclude WW2 military personnel from the Philippines to the granting of the Congressional Gold Medal.

Please also note that aforementioned bills stated the 1,600 POWs casualties from the United States and neglected to mention the catastrophic 22,000-26,000  Philippine POW casualties.

Kindly let the Speaker know that I respectfully request she state her position to this matter.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Maria Elizabeth Embry

2101 Hamlin Ct

Antioch Ca 94509

925 754-1795

An Open e- letter to the Honorable Representative Martin Heinrich of New Mexico